DVB/IP Encapsulator

DVB/IP Modulator

XD File Broadcast System

DVB/IP Datacasting via Satellite

SuperFlex is an award-winning broadband satellite networking system that provides an ideal infrastructure for distributing broadband content quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. SuperFlex features an open-architecture design based on industry standards (DVB, IP, MPEG, etc). It is highly modular and integrates easily into existing networks. IDC manufactures core products (such as IP encapsulators, modulators, and receivers, as well as software for network management and system enhancements) and integrates "best-of-breed" third-party elements to provide the best solution possible for customer requirements. SuperFlex can also incorporate various return paths for two-way connectivity and is the only DVB system on the market that operates at speeds as low as 256 ks/s up to a full transponder (45 Ms/s).


The International Datacasting MX2001 is an ultra high-speed DVB/IP encapsulator used to encapsulate IP data inside DVB/MPE packets for transmission via satellite.


The DM2100 is the newest addition to IDCfs family of professional high speed DVB digital
modulators. It provides high flexibility for station design with 70 MHz/140 MHz IF or
L-Band outputs.


Datacast XD is IDC’s leading edge content management and distribution software. Scalable, modular, and feature-rich, Datacast XD is rapidly becoming the preferred solution for secure delivery of multimedia content over any multicast-enabled network.

Datacast XD provides guaranteed simultaneous, distribution of file-based and/or streaming content to any number of remote client servers or terminals. Our intuitive, open-standards software design allows for easy integration and operation within existing LAN,WAN, cable and/or satellite IP networks. Users can manage and distribute video, audio and data in simple or complex networks ? effectively minimizing resource usage, while improving time efficiencies.??